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Plan Of Attack: Beta 3 Released
7-5-2015 3:46 PM | RALF
Changes include, among other things, two new official maps and a new strategy system.

Plan of Attack
Thursday, June 23rd 2015
Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron – They have a go
6-23-2015 5:16 PM | RALF
Not only have the team come with some new models of the mod this week showing off the character razor and the Slicer Missiles. They got permission to continue make there modbased of the old tv series.

Not only did the mod team get permission from Warner Brothers and the original creators of the series, they also got the concept arts from the first season to get them going.
Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron
Fortress Forever: the Scouts have found the Bases
6-7-2015 5:44 AM | RALF
Fortress-Forever may be wasn’t mentioned by valve on the last steam weekly news, but there sure still giving the mods that did get mentioned a run for there money.
And to day after lots of work, which you could have read all about in there developer journals, they come with a preview of the scout class and there version of the map bases.

More info and news about Fortress-Forever can be found on there site.
pcgamemods game servers
6-1-2015 2:15 PM | Slayer
We’ve put up some game servers, courtesy of Grid 64.
• Jedi Academy with JA+ 2.3:
• Counter-Strike: Source:
• Half-Life 2: Deathmatch:
Saturday, May 28th 2015
I made a mistake
5-28-2015 5:19 AM | Slayer
I’m sure that any of you who use the forum frequently are noticing that there are some posts missing. I accidently deleted every post in the forum. This was completely my fault, and no I did not have any backups (which I have recently fixed). So I extend my apologies to those of you who have lost valueable information and I promise it will not happen again.
Grid64: Game Server Hosting
5-25-2015 8:24 PM | Slayer
Many of you may remember a while back when I posted some links for cheap game server hosting. I have been a partner in ZenCubed LLC since we started almost a year ago, and today I’d like to introduce you to our first completed product: Grid64.
Grid64 is a complete game server hosting package offering game switching, ftp, and a robust control panel with built in installer, console access, and user management. Everything we’ve done here is totally automated: Billing is managed online and game installation can be performed via the control panel. Our game switcher lets you install more than one game and switch between them at any time, so you aren’t stuck playing the same game. We even have integration with Valve’s steam distribution system to make it easy to keep up with their frequent updating. We’ve really tried to put out a great product at a reasonable price. From now until June 1st, 32 player servers in every game we offer $45. I hope you guys like it.


Grid64 is a product of ZenCubed LLC. Copyright 2004, 2015 ZenCubed LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Guess Which Movie(.com)
5-8-2015 8:59 PM | Slayer
Well I’ve completed another site, this time I ventured away from offering hosting services to a playable online game. http://www.guesswhichmovie.com is pretty straight forward, you are shown an image and you try to guess which movie it is from. If you have any movies that are not already in the movie database and would like to contribute them, please do at http://www.guesswhichmovie.com/moviesubmit.php.

So onto other things, I guess some of you are wondering where PCGM 3 is and why I haven’t been working on it as of late. Well the first thing I should say is that the new version of pcgamemods is still a while away, even with the progress I have already made. I’m really striving to make this the best mod site possible, as well as the final version of the site (for a while at least). The more I get into it the more ideas I get and the longer it will take me. These other sites (Guess Which Movie, Binary Nexus) were a break from PCGM and allowed me to work with some similar concepts that will be used on PCGM, but on a much smaller scale, allowing me to see the effects of the concepts when put into practice. So in the end, these sites ended up helping PCGM 3 as I find myself going back and changing code which at the time I felt was set in stone.

I should also mention that school is a blockade in the progress of PCGM 3, I can’t shirk my school work to do PCGM 3. Whenever I do get freetime though, which is usually on the weekend, I am working on the site.
Friday, April 29th 2015
A Screenshot Solution
4-29-2015 6:14 PM | Slayer
I’ve added GIF support over at binarynexus.com and the site is complete for the most part. There are still a couple of loose ends but nothing that can ruin the integrity of the site. While I’m working on PCGM 3, it’s a good idea to host your screenshots over at binarynexus then link the gallery (or single screenshot) in the description of your mod. Which means you would have to get your images hosted first, then submit your file. This is by no means a permanent solution, as there is already a built in screenshot system in PCGM 3, but it can definately alleviate the headaches of trying to put screenshots with your mod.
Binarynexus.com Galleries
4-26-2015 9:50 PM | Slayer
I’ve updated binarynexus.com a bit and added gallery generation. To get a glipse of what the galleries are like, check out a sample gallery I made of the leaked Xbox 360 images.

Free Image Hosting
4-24-2015 2:29 AM | Slayer
This weekend I took some time away from pcgamemods to work on some smaller sites that I figured would be able to help people on pcgamemods and other sites.

Anyway I have completed one of the first parts of my media hosting site – images. It has the basic image hosting that you find on most other sites, however I plan on adding some other features to distinguish the site. Alongside images there will be movie hosting as well, and a batch image upload system which will automatically create a gallery from those images.

Anyway be sure to check it out if you need some image hosting.

Enemy Territory Updates
4-20-2015 7:26 PM | Madeline
– 3 major mods were added
– 1 long overdue patch finally posted
– some Staff Picks were chosen

All thanks to the helpful Wesley aka “KillerWhale”

If anyone else as any suggestions for Staff Picks or anything at all, contact ME.
UT2004 Flag Pack 2
4-14-2015 8:41 PM | Madeline
This second Flag Pack contains six top quality capture the flag maps. Click the link above for the download, and check out the screenshots while the 46 megs go by.
Star Wars Republic Commando Patch
4-13-2015 1:24 AM | Madeline
This patch was actually released on the 5th. I should have put it up then, but Comcast users might know of that “nation-wide” outage.

Anyway, after installing THE PATCH be sure to check your system folder for the unrealed clone editor.
The illegal files need to stop.
4-10-2015 12:35 AM | Slayer
Over recent weeks, the amount of illegal files that have surfaced on pcgamemods has begun to concern me. I’m not liking the fact that people are uploading illegal files and hoping to get as many people to download them before the file gets disabled. That’s not how pcgamemods works and that’s not how it’s going to be. The concentration on illegal files has mainly focused on Episode III related material. I don’t mind files such as the official trailer or the tv spots, which were publicly released on starwars.com, being mirrored here. However, do not post commercial products. Just as a rule of thumb, don’t post anything.

I guess it just boils down to this.

If you post anything illegal, you will be banned and your files will be removed from pcgamemods.
Sunday, March 20th 2015
New User Registration Updated
3-20-2015 11:39 PM | Slayer
I’ve updated the new user registration script, it is the script that will be used for the new version of pcgamemods. An email address is no longer mandatory, however if one is provided it will be used when email notifications are sent out.
New UT2004 Maps Status
3-13-2015 2:18 AM | Madeline
I have quite a few new maps/files awaiting upload, and was getting some emails, IM’s etc about the current status of these files – the server is going through some changes (I believe), so it may be a bit before I can get some of this stuff up as it’s just too large in filesize to do manually for me.

I apologize for this but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment. All the appropriate screenshots and reviews are ready however, just currently everything appears to be on hiatus.
Tuesday, February 22nd 2015
Epic Releases UT2004 Patch 3355
2-22-2015 4:12 PM | Madeline
The list of changes and the patch itself can be found and downloaded Here
New Site, New Rules Thread
2-1-2015 12:38 AM | Slayer
There is a thread in the forums right now that deals with some problems on pcgamemods and some of the possible solutions for the next revision. If you want to voice your opinion on pcgamemods or what you would like to see on the new site, this is the place to do it.

New Site, New Rules

If you are already a member of pcgamemods, you do not have to register again to post on the forums.
Friday, December 17th 2004
IGN’s PC Best of 2004 Awards
12-17-2014 12:28 PM | Madeline
IGN has announced the winners of their Best 2004 PC Game Awards. While Half Life 2 won their best GAME and graphics category, they chose Unreal Tournament 2004, as the best MULTIPLAYER game of the year.

Here’s the complete list of all the other WINNERS.
ANNOUNCEMENT: More Cheap Servers
12-5-2014 3:38 PM | Slayer
Due to the overwhelming response on the last post, we’ve decided to expand the number of servers and change the deal. All people who wish to become customers of www.zencubed.com before it’s official opening January 1st may have the following deal:

1) A $20 32 Player Server (or max if it’s smaller than 32) until January 1st

2) The same server 32 Player Server (or max, as above) at $25 for every month from January until you cancel your membership with www.zencubed.com

We do require that the game/mod combination that you request runs on linux. We also reserve the right to turn away particular game/mod combinations for logistical reasons (including but not limited to potential security flaws, limited resources, etc…).

Though we haven’t rejected a game/mod combination yet. We especially welcome HL2DM, CS:S, JKO, JKA.

We have set up an HL2DM test server for the next few days. Just type “connect www.zencubed.com” at the console.

Contact us at pcgmserverdeal [at] gmail [dot] com for more details.
Tuesday, November 30th 2004
ANNOUNCEMENT: 32 player server for any game for $20
11-30-2014 7:40 PM | Slayer
We’re currently offering 32 player servers for any game you choose for $20, this includes setup. This is limited to the first 7 people who sign up, so it’s first come first serve. Note, the server comes with no warranties or guarantees of any kind. We already have several clients running 32 player JO/JA games with great pings. This deal is only for a month subscription, the server will be up until January 1st.

If you’re interested contact us at pcgmserverdeal [at] gmail [dot] com
UT2004 – DoMain 2049 2.2
11-17-2014 2:33 AM | Madeline
Here’s the description of the mod from the official website: Domain is a tactical, team-based FPS, set in the year 2049 in a totalitarian world of a dominant global government, underground rebellion and sinister corporations.

Here’s my description: Quite impressive. This is one I think a lot of you will enjoy.

You can download DoMain 2049 HERE and check out some screenshots.
UT2004 – Air Buccaneers 1.5 Released
11-16-2014 7:52 PM | Madeline

For the new release, go here to DOWNLOAD.
Also before installation of 1.5, make certain to completely remove the previous version.
UT2004 – Frag.Ops 2.1
11-15-2014 11:35 PM | Madeline

A nice easy install of the mod’s located HERE as well as the list of the changes for 2.1.
UT2004 Patch 3339
11-15-2014 6:38 PM | Madeline
Two NEW UT2004 Patches Released from Epic:

UT2004 Patch 3339


ECE Bonus Pack 1.1

Note: The second patch is for those who never downloaded the ECE Bonus Pack before (new users). So if you already have it, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS. So basically most of you will only be downloading the 3339 patch.
Doom3 News – Evil Engine’s Enhanced Doom3 Models
11-15-2014 6:23 AM | Madeline
EvilEngine has released a nice little modification (Enhanced Doom3 Models) which makes the Doom3 models “look a lot nicer” basically. GO HERE for the download, demonstration screenshot and a better description from him on how it works.
Action UT Released
11-14-2014 10:05 PM | Madeline

This is where the Umod version and list of changes are located.
There’s also some instructions there, the same found on the AUT official site. They will help you to get umods to work correctly. I know some people can’t run them, and this should help that.
LawDogs Version 1.5 Released
11-14-2014 2:04 AM | Madeline

This new release of Lawdogs (for UT2004) comes armed with a good amount of fixes and new additions such as the beta version of the “Duel” gametype and a new weapon – the ever so fun, “GunPowder Barrel”.

The list of what’s new and the download are HERE.
UT2004 – Action UT IRC Party/New Map
11-13-2014 9:26 PM | Madeline
More news from MrGlock at Action UT:

There will be a little IRC party in our channel #aut on irc.gamesurge.net in the run up to release where you can chat with our insane community and server admins can come to get their servers updated prior to the release time.

The second piece is another ‘Mini’ Map Showcase, this time featuring ‘Office’ which is another map by the insatiable Pär ‘Parkar’ Karlsson.

For screenshots of the Office map, info on the IRC chat and more – click here for the official Action UT site.
UT2004 Frag.Ops v2.1
11-12-2014 3:36 PM | Madeline
This weekend Pandora Studios will be releasing Frag.Ops version 2.1. Expect a fast mirror and full coverage of this latest release. In the meantime check out the new: Frag.Ops v2.1: WAR-WinterStorm-PREVIEW MOVIE
UT2004 – Bonus Vehicles Replacer Update
11-12-2014 12:48 AM | Madeline
-=Musc@t=- released version 1.02a of this must-have mutator last night, and I forgot to post it in the news! Although he said nothing, my apologies to him.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried this yet and wanted to use the UT2004 ECE vehicles on your favorite ONS maps that don’t support ECE, this little mutator is exactly what you’ve been looking for.
UT2004-Neo Tokyo v1110
11-12-2014 12:32 AM | Madeline

While still in beta, the cyber punk/sci fi FPS mod Neo Tokyo still stands to be one of the best modifications for UT2004.
The new release, full description of the mod and the version 1110 list of changes is located HERE.
UT2004 Action UT Promo Video Released
11-11-2014 8:09 PM | Madeline
Action Unreal Tournament has released a promotional video showing off all the excitement of the mod’s various aspects, including the new dive feature. Looks to be great.

For those that don’t know what AUT is, here’s a description from MrGlock:

The Action mod concept brings ‘movie realism’ to Unreal Tournament 2004. Players are able to perform amazing stunts to escape trouble, there are no health power ups, just a bandage to stop the bleeding. The guns are typical of those found in any action film, pistols, shotguns, automatics but their ammo is limited and spare clips only found on the bodies of those you have just killed. It’s a thrilling experience that makes you the hero.
UT2004 – Action UT Update
11-10-2014 7:25 PM | Madeline
News came in today from MrGlock over at Action UT (AUT) showing off their new map, Wikked City:

The map is set on a wet night in the slums of the industrial residential area of town. The buildings are grim, the art vandalism and the rooms sparsely furnished, this part of town has nothing going for it. Players are treated to an eerie experience on this map as the depressing atmosphere smoothers everything, the grey skies, the murky streets and the abandoned interior all create an unique and truly disconcerting game play environment.

For screenshots and more information about the UT2004 mod AUT, click here to head over to their site.
UT2004 – Take off with AirBuccaneers 1.0
11-8-2014 9:16 PM | Madeline
Epic and Atari have chosen Air Buccaneers 1.0 as their first featured mod!

It’s described as: AirBuccaneers is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. It contains a new multiplayer game type with hot air balloons, cannons, airmines and various other pseudo ancient gadgets. The game is a compelling combination of graceful air ballet, fierce pirate-like action and 3D tactical maneuvering.

All you need to play is patch 3323 and a copy of the mod found right HERE.
UT2004 Onslaught AlenjaForest Special Edition/ECE Revisited
11-2-2014 3:13 PM | Madeline
Chris “Oxygene” Urban has released a new special edition of his visually stunning onslaught map, Alenja Forest. This version includes ECE vehicle support, a few aesthetic changes and various fixes that should improve performance greatly since the previous release.
Saturday, October 23rd 2004
UT2004 – Camper’s Hunter Updated
10-23-2014 4:05 PM | Madeline
The anti-camper mutator was updated (check the description) so if you downloaded the old version, be sure to update it.
Camper’s Hunter Final
UT2004 Zombies of Nightmare v1.3
10-22-2014 11:37 PM | Madeline
A little update to the extremely fun Zombies mutator. This one works online (just add ServerPackages=NightMare to your UT2004.ini) and has various new additions as well as improvements since the last installment. There should be a final version of this coming out, but the release date is unknown. So until then and for Halloween’s sake, here’s Zombies of Nightmare version 1.3
Community Bonus Pack 1 UT2004 Re-Release
10-21-2014 8:17 PM | Madeline
CBP1 originally released for UT2003, has been newly converted to UT2004. Various changes here and there have been incorporated into this update. All top quality maps here for those that remember, and for those that never got a chance to check this out, you’re in for a real treat. So go get it -CBP1 2004
ANNOUNCEMENT: Cheap Game Server
10-19-2014 1:34 AM | Slayer
I’m starting a company and we have a server laying around, to offset the cost we’re offering a couple of 32 player dedicated game servers to anyone who wants one for $20 a month. It will only be for the next few months until we need the server. We support any game that has linux binaries for it. We expect the user to be familiar with the linux environment and have the ability to setup said game. Anyone who is interested contact [email protected]
AS-Frigate 2k4 Remake Released
10-18-2014 9:12 PM | Madeline
Julien “Horse” Couturon has completed his UT2004 remake of the classic Unreal Tournament Assault map Frigate, originally created by Shane Caudle. Head over to the UT2004 section and take a look .
UT2004 Checklist
10-18-2014 4:31 PM | Madeline
Some very exceptional files were released over the weekend and this is just a quick reminder to click your way over to the UT2004 section and be sure you didn’t miss out on any of these outstanding works.

Mysterial’s new release of UT2004RPG v 2.0

Oxygene’s visually amazing prodigious onslaught forest map Alenja Forest

Ons-DissonexEXT by Barfwagon

Ons-RapaNui by Toni Seifert

There’s also about 10 other great files added to the Staff Pick section. Again, those selections are based on my own personal tastes, but I think you’ll agree on the choices.
The Real Deal for UT2004
10-7-2014 6:39 AM | Madeline
Want to know what it is? Click HERE to find out.
Beta Testers Come 4th (UT2004)
10-5-2014 2:19 PM | Madeline
Yournan aka MsM (the extraordinary mapper well known for doing the amazing UT Classic remake map packs for UT2004) is currently working on releasing a 1 on 1 Map Pack for UT2004. These 1 on 1 maps will feature various gametypes. He has posted 6 Beta releases of those maps in the UT2004 section and could use some help with testing and feedback on them. So anyone interested be sure to download the following 6 beta maps and put them through the paces: DM-1on1-Isolation Beta , CTF-1on1-Arabgoth Beta , CTF-1on1-Synthesis Beta , DM-1on1-Shanghai Beta , CTF-Monoxider Beta & DOM-1on1-Alpha Beta -Thanks guys.
10-4-2014 2:25 PM | Madeline
A great release for UT2004 by Kill4 (and Evil Engine’s Zombies) to kick off the month of October: Zombies of Nightmare
Thursday, September 30th 2004
Doom 3 patch!
9-30-2014 2:47 PM | GothicX
After a short while of the game being out, Id Software has released a 1.1 patch that solves several issues that needed fixing. A must-have for every player and server owner, grab it from here!
Star Wars Battlefront Patch & Doom 3 Jedi
9-28-2014 3:20 PM | Madeline
The first PATCH is out for Star Wars Battlefront.

Also, a Star Wars mod for Doom 3 called Doom3 Jedi (D3J) is in the works and it looks like they are recruiting.
Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor’s Choice Bonus Pack
9-24-2014 2:39 AM | Madeline
The UT2004 Editor’s choice pack is finally released! The bonus pack contains 3 new vehicles – the SPMA, the Cicada, and the Paladin, 4 new Onslaught maps, and 6 new characters. Patch 3323 is needed to play.
DooM 3 clean shaders!
9-23-2014 1:37 PM | GothicX
Eutectic has recently released a nifty little package, containing cleaned-up versions of all D3 shaders. A musthave for any mapper, get it here!
JA Mapping Contest at Map-Review.com
9-23-2014 1:30 PM | Eldritch
Map-Review.com is hosting a FFA mapping contest. The contest will run from 25 Sep to 1 Dec, and they are asking single mappers to submit a Star-Wars-based Free-for-All map created within that time. If you’re at all interested in participating in this contest (or just watching it progress), sign up on the Map-Review forums!
Star Wars DVD Set & Star Wars Battlefront Now Released!
9-21-2014 10:22 AM | Zappa_0
Well today is the day we get two great Star Wars items, the Old Trilogy DVD set and a new game Star Wars Battlefront. I already have the DVD’s and they are pretty good. I am hoping to get Battlefront later today. If I do, I will see what I can do to set up a PCGM server, for those who has the game and also see what I can do to get a Battlefront section added to the site. May the Force be with you all!
DooM 3 SP contest!
9-18-2014 12:14 PM | GothicX
Levelsource has recently announced a DooM3 single-player contest! This initiative should really add to the current D3 mapping scene, and hopefully, we’ll see some sparkling new maps. Interested? Want to join? Wait no longer, go here!
Star Wars Battlefront TV Spot Trailer in JA Section.
9-18-2014 12:21 AM | Zappa_0
I was browsing the Battlefront site tonight and found a new TV Spot Trailer. It can be downloaded here.
JA: Pod Racer Mod
9-14-2014 9:35 PM | Zappa_0
A new racing mod for JA with real pod racer is in the works. Hatrus from LucasForums, has made 9 movie pods and 3 Custom pods for JA. The pods are in the process of going in game. For this mod theres gonna
be special maps made by {XG} DarthVader, ZBomber, DarthZappa, Stotto, Lindsey and a few others. The Webiste to the mod is:http://www.jaracer.cjb.net.
Screenshots can be viewed on the site. The only thing that is needed mostly are the player models for the the racers themselves. So if you can help the mod by that way please contact us.
New Admin Added For JO/JA Sections.
9-14-2014 9:25 PM | Zappa_0
Hello, I am Zappa. I am gonna be working in the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy sections the most. Some of you may know me from the movies that I have made in the past. I have took on this job, to help those who are already there. I have been coming to this site eversince it was created and also back in the Jedi-Outcast Maps days. My number one goal for these sections are to make it a better place for all who come here.
UT2004 Patch 3323 Released
9-13-2014 8:53 PM | Madeline
It can be found Here
UPDATE: Counter-Strike: Source Maps
9-3-2014 7:13 AM | Slayer

I’ve added more maps to the archive, I believe it’s every map that has been publicly released so far. I’ll continue to add maps as I see them.
Get Your Sixguns Blazing with LawDogs for UT2004
9-1-2014 12:47 AM | Madeline
Lawdogs(beta 1), one of the most long-awaited UT2004 modificatons is finally let out of the stable. The round up’s Here .
Tuesday, August 31st 2004
User feedback and Doom 3 admin request
8-31-2014 1:17 AM | Slayer
In the forums I have posted two topics, one regarding the next revision of pcgamemods’ download system. I urge members to voice their opinion on this download issue as I will make my decision based on the feedback given. The second request is for Doom 3 admins.
The Unrealed Bible
8-25-2014 11:09 PM | Madeline
The book is titled – Mastering Unreal Technology : The Art of Level Design and it is available for pre-order at AMAZON now.

The book will be about 1,100 pages (Amazon’s 704 count is incorrect).
Episode 1 2004
8-23-2014 6:20 PM | Slayer

Living Dead Jedi has recreated his popular Episode 1 map from Jedi Outcast. The 2004 version has been outfitted with better architecture, plasma tubes and rotating laser doors. Anybody who was a fan of the original should definately grab this.


For the record, Living Dead Jedi’s original Episode 1 map holds the record for most downloads on this site.
Remake of a classic: UM_DM17
8-22-2014 9:12 PM | Slayer

UltraMagnus has recreated one of the original Quake 3 maps, Q3DM17, and given it a Hell theme.

Server move
8-22-2014 5:06 AM | Slayer
I’m going to be moving the site over to a new server, so there may be a few hiccups in terms of uptime. I should be able to make a smooth transition so you won’t see any downtime, but this is just to let you know.

For discussion and explanation, check out the forum topic
Super-DOOM³ 1.0
8-21-2014 6:11 PM | Slayer
SiTWulf has released a final version of Super-DOOM³. Third person view, moveable camera settings, flamethrower, better AI and new textures are amongst the list of features listed in this mod. A complete list can be found on the mod page.

Super-DOOM³ MOD 1.0
FlagPack2004 for UT2004
8-18-2014 10:26 PM | Madeline
FlagPack contains 11 of the most first-rate Capture the Flag maps ever to be released for UT2004!

Capture them HERE
UT XMP Promo Video Released
8-18-2014 4:48 PM | Madeline
For those that don’t know, Unreal II XMP (Expanded Multiplayer) originally released by Legend Entertainment is not dead, it has just been totally converted for UT2004 by Free Monkey Interactive. Release could be as soon as September, but I am not certain.

Check out the Promo Video

Visit the official UTXMP website here: UTXMP
Half-Life 2 Trailer #2
8-18-2014 2:05 AM | Slayer

Valve has released a second trailer for Half-Life 2. This movie shows some new gameplay footage that comes in at 1024×768 in the Bink Video codec. The total running time is under a minute.

Half-Life 2 Trailer #2
The Classics are Back!
8-16-2014 8:34 AM | Madeline
The long awaited UT Classics2k4 Re-Make Map Pack has been released! Yournan aka MsM brings you 9 old school Unreal Tournament maps remade for UT2004.

Also some new Staff Picks definitely worth looking at:

CTF-Rock vs Techno by Jason “ValHallen” Brown

MZ_MapPack (assault and 2 onslaught maps) by Mark ‘MarZer’ Gillard

DM-TDB-Crane another classic UT map re-made for UT2004 only by Teddie Tapawan

ZenCoder’s Weapons 2.01 umod by -=Musc@t=-

ONS-Outback by Jason “heXum” McCord

Finally, I just wanted to mention that there are quite a few new files added ALL worth checking out, as well as some older maps you might have missed. Be sure to look over everything carefully. There are some very impressive files in the UT2004 section. Please take advantage of our forums and feel free to post your own reviews & comments on them.
Forums open
8-14-2014 1:31 AM | Slayer
I’ve finished the basic functionality of the forum and would like to open it for public testing. Be sure to post what you want changed/added to pcgamemods in the topic regarding it.

pcgamemods.com forum
Unreal Engine 3 Screenshots & Movie + Overdue Update
8-11-2014 6:19 PM | Madeline
A lot of people I talk to haven’t really seen much of the next generation Unreal engine, and it’s amazing – so if you’re interested, check these various screenshots (over at Tiscali Games) out: Unreal 3 Screens

There’s also a movie maybe some missed right here:
Unreal Engine 3

Additionally many great files have been added to the UT2004 section as of late as well as over the past few weeks, such as Onslaught Panalesh which is unbelievable. Furthermore, take a peek at: KouRyuu by Hide and If you missed out – BioArmorFem2 and
Unreal 2 Soldiers for UT2004 by Evil Engine who is also doing content for Doom 3 now.

Lastly, there may be an update on the UTClassics Conversion Mappack for UT2004 coming in soon. It will be added as soon as it’s released, and I’ll keep you posted in the news.
Doom 3 Minimizer
8-7-2014 8:28 PM | Slayer
I’m sure many of you have been awaiting a mod like this, this mod will allow you to ALT+TAB back to your desktop. The zip even comes with the source.

Doom 3 Minimizer v1.1
Doom III Console
8-7-2014 7:59 PM | Soulus
Okay… If everyone hates doing control+alt+~ just to get to the console, then do the following to only have to press ~…

Go to the properties of your Doom 3 link and in the target field (E.G. “C:\Program Files\Doom 3\doom3.exe”), modify it to what is already there, plus ” +set com_allowConsole 1″.

So ‘”C:\Program Files\Doom 3\doom3.exe”‘ is now ‘”C:\Program Files\Doom 3\doom3.exe” +set com_allowConsole 1′.

If you just go into the console and type “com_allowConsole 1″, it seems to reset it to 0 each time you exit Doom 3… So changing the link should make it stay until you revert back to the original link.
UT2004 Patch 3270 Released
8-5-2014 5:30 PM | Madeline
Read the changes and download the patch here
Doom III Sections Added
8-3-2014 12:30 AM | Slayer
With today being the release of Doom III, it’s only proper that I add the appropriate game sections. There are two sections, game mods and maps. Game mods is for all general mods for the game and obviously maps is for any type of map made for the game since all maps fit into one category and can be played across all game types.
Saturday, July 31st 2004
Official Doom III Trailer
7-31-2014 2:33 AM | Slayer

The official Doom III trailer has been released by iD, which shows off some of the story line along with some action sequences. The movie comes in at a little under 40 MB and 2:28 running time.

Official Doom III Trailer
Doom 3 TechTV
7-23-2014 3:51 PM | Slayer

This video capture of G4 footage shows interviews with the id developers along with a lot of new footage. The footage runs about 15 minutes and is divided into 3 segments.

Doom 3 TechTV “History of Doom” Movie
Counter-Strike: Source Movie
7-20-2014 5:54 PM | Slayer

This is a movie released directly from Valve in Bink Video format with a resolution of 1024×768. The map is DE_Aztec, with footage of the terrorist team planting the bomb and the counter-terrorist diffusing it.

Counter-Strike: Source Movie
High Quality Doom 3 TechTV Movie
7-18-2014 7:49 PM | Slayer
I have posted a better version of the Doom 3 TechTV movie. It has the same content, but much better quality. You will need DivX to properly play it.

Doom 3 TechTV Movie High Quality [DiVX]
Doom 3 TechTV Movie
7-17-2014 5:42 PM | Slayer
I’ve added the TechTV video of Doom 3 which includes all new game footage along with some developer commentary.

Doom 3 TechTV Movie
Star Wars Battlefront Trailer
7-15-2014 12:06 PM | Slayer
I’ve posted the trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, which will undoubtably have it’s own section when it is released on September 21’st. For now I have placed it in Jedi Academy.

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer
File submission fix
7-7-2014 11:16 PM | Slayer
For those of you who have been receiving the “You must agree to the file submission policy” error when you try to submit a file via form will be happy to know that the error has been fixed and that method of upload is working once again.
Retrieval of passwords
7-7-2014 12:15 PM | Slayer
Some of the feedback that has been coming in recently has mentioned how to retrieve a lost password. In short, you cannot since the passwords are encrypted. However I will implmenent a feature that will allow a user to reset his password via a link that will be sent to the email address on the account.
Comments back up
7-4-2014 4:10 AM | Slayer
I’ve fixed the problem with the comments section. While the previous comments are all lost, the system is functional again.
What’s with the ads?
7-4-2014 1:14 AM | Slayer
Good question, I’m testing out some new ad representation so you may see a little more ads than usual. Rest assured though, I will not be using any popup ads.
Forum Poll
7-1-2014 3:51 AM | Slayer
I have posted another poll in regard to the addition of a forum to the site. There currently is a forum, but it is vBulletin and does not integrate with the pcgamemods registrations and I feel that it would be a hassle to have a user register twice and possibly not get the same name. The poll is in regard to the integration of a proprietary forum in which registered pcgamemods members can post.
Thursday, June 24th 2004
Hackerz UT2004 Total Conversion Update
6-24-2014 2:21 PM | Madeline
Hackerz, total conversion for UT2004, has a new domain. Be sure to check out their Media section which contains a considerable amount of content showcasing this long awaited TC. Additionally, two jobs openings are available if anyone is interested. The Hackerz team is looking for both a new model/texture artist who can create static meshes in 3ds max/Maya and give them photorealistic skins, and they are also in need of another animator, able to create detailed weapon and/or character animations. If you are interested and have the skills, drop Nils an E-mail.
Clan-Games Leagues, Ladders and Tournaments
6-23-2014 7:46 PM | Madeline
Clan-Games is a great place for teams to battle it out in competition ladders. Right now they have ladders to support UT Mods such as »Frag-Ops »Red Orchestra and SAS: Into the Lions Den. There is also support for:BVF, Call of Duty, Soldner, Joint Ops and there looks to be planned support for Farcry, Doom3, and Half Life 2.

They will also support ladders for any games/mods they currently do not have listed, simply post your request in their forums and they will have a ladder set-up ASAP for you!
Check out their site:
Clan Games
It’s never too late…
6-22-2014 10:09 PM | Rgoer
…For Quake III Arena! Slayer was kind enough to add support for Q3A (and related mods) this evening, so if that strikes your fancy help us get the word out and we can jumpstart this newest addition to the pcgm world.
Different color scheme suggestions.
6-19-2014 6:18 AM | Slayer
In light of this new poll, if anybody has design experience and would like to collaborate on a new design scheme for pcgamemods please fill out a feedback form with any experience you may have.
Another poll
6-18-2014 2:34 PM | Slayer
I have posted another poll, this time regarding the color scheme of the site. The poll is fairly straight forward; I appreciate those of you who vote as it does affect the outcome of the next revision.
Ranking system disabled
6-18-2014 12:55 PM | Slayer
Sometimes things with the best intentions end up getting used for the worst. When I designed this version of pcgamemods, it was with the intent that the community could help each other out by giving each other their numeric opinions of each mod, but what seems to have happened here is the opposite. I’m speaking none other than the ranking system. There seems to be a pattern in votes, and as of late all votes are either 1’s or 10’s. The 10’s are just there to combat against the 1’s or vice versa. This is not what I had in mind when I designed this system. In fact 10’s and 1’s should never be used. Because rarely is there something so amazing to warrant a 10 or so bad to deserve a 1, yet these two votes occupy more than 80% of the votes. For this reason I have taken down the ranking system, at least until the next revision. I’ve learned from my mistakes and can assure you that this will not happen when I update pcgamemods again.
UT2004 3236 Patch 2 Released
6-15-2014 2:42 PM | Madeline
The second official patch for UT2004 has been released. New editor enhancements, water effects , Onslaught changes and more.

All the details and patch are located here:
UT2004 3236 Patch
Important Poll 2
6-12-2014 4:12 AM | Slayer
I have collected sufficient data from the first poll so I decided to post a second poll on an issue I think a lot of people are having. If you are having this problem please fill out the feedback form so I can contact you to fix this problem.
NeoTokyo Ut2004 Mod, Public Alpha Released
6-8-2014 11:33 PM | Madeline
NeoTokyo is a Cyber Punk/SciFi FPS Mod. The inspiration for NeoTokyo comes from Anime & Manga by creators such as Masamune Shirow(Ghost In The Shell, Appleseed, the recent MMI, etc) and Katushiro Otomo(Akira, Memories and more).

Right now this is just an Alpha but it is already catching the attention of many, especially people interested in this specific genre. Of course with an Alpha Release comes issues such as no Bot Support and various other incomplete or missing functions, but based on the work that’s been done thus far, and the development teams plans, this looks to be a VERY promising mod.
Check out the Screens and Download for NeoTokyo in our UT2004 section.
Important Poll.
6-8-2014 8:56 PM | Slayer
I just put up a new poll which is available for everybody to vote on, this poll is very significant as you may be able to tell from me placing it on the main page and making a new post regarding it. It’s very important that everybody votes on it as it will affect the next revision of pcgamemods.
Mr. Evil’s Hit Effects for UT2004
6-7-2014 10:53 PM | Madeline
Mr. Evil created something great for modders here. It is a bit difficult to describe. I think the best description of it would be something like: textures, sounds and code for modders to implement surface-dependent hit-effects for custom weapons or other similar purposes.
Check out the photos and read about how it works here –
Hit Effects
The files also up in our UT2004 section.
pcgamemods is pop-up free.
6-7-2014 7:14 PM | Slayer
As of today pcgamemods will no longer display pop-ups, which only showed when a user went to download a file. I decided that the pop-ups aren’t generating a significant amount of money to compensate for the hassle they create so hence they have been eliminated.
Single Player Section Added To Jedi Academy.
6-7-2014 5:03 PM | Slayer
I’ve appended a single player section to the maps category for Jedi Academy.
Far Cry Moderator Position
6-6-2014 10:46 PM | Slayer
If anybody is interested in moderating the Far Cry section, sign up in the feedback part of the site. Be sure to submit the usual credentials: previous experience, why you would like to join.. etc.
Feedback form and staff position.
6-6-2014 3:27 AM | Slayer
I have implemented the feedback form coupled with the staff position application. Be sure to submit any problems with the site or suggestions and ideas you have that would improve the site. To apply for the news administrator position, select “News Administrator Position” under the area field. Explain why you would like to be a news administrator; be sure to mention previous experience and other such qualifications.
Downtime and staff positions.
6-5-2014 2:04 AM | Slayer
As most of you probably noticed pcgamemods was down for several days, but the downtime wasn’t without reason. The downtime came from the attempt to add another hard drive to the server; however the new hard drive had bad blocks on it thus causing problems such said downtime. The hosting company’s maintenance staff took several days to figure out the problem, however after it was realized that the newly added slave drive was the problem it was promptly replaced and a new hard drive is in its place. Space will no longer be an issue as pcgamemods is now 80 GB larger in size, in comparison to the current drive which is 60 GB and has taken two years or so to fill up.

I’m going to be adding some new features today, one of which is a feedback system which will allow users to contact the staff in regard to any problems or comments they may have. This feedback system will be used to collect any submissions for open staff positions which will start by a news system administrator(s). I would like to make pcgamemods a source for mod news as well as mod downloads. If anybody has good writing skills and is current with mod and game news who would like to apply for this position feel free to submit your interest in the feedback form later today. Your applicability will be judged on what you write in the submission.
New poll, upcoming changes.
6-2-2014 10:29 PM | Slayer
I have added a new poll, in which you can decide as to whether or not I should add a Far Cry section. There will be some new additions coming soon including new methods on cutting down spam posts and the new tutorials site.
Tuesday, May 4th 2004
File submission back up.
5-4-2014 12:31 PM | Slayer
Just as a notification, the file submission page is working again.
Sunday, April 18th 2004
Open Jedi Project (OJP) Website Online
4-18-2014 10:31 AM | Eldritch
Razor Ace has just informed me that the OJP website is now online. You can check out their screenshots there.
The OJP team has cracked the animation issue for JA, and now has totally new animations working in-game! This is definitely exciting news, and anyone who’s interested should check out their website straight away.
Saturday, March 27th 2004
Lawdogs Project for UT2004 Seeks Help
3-27-2014 1:27 AM | Madeline
The team behind Lawdogs for UT2003 (now for UT2004) is looking for some talent to complete their project. Here’s the info:

For immediate hire, LawDogs project is looking for another member to join the marshals team. We have had many artists requesting to join the project but we haven’t had any programmers/coders to join in….. Mr. Evil, LawDog’s current coder has his hands full with many other projects and for that reason LawDogs needs another coder to help finish this wild west project. The suitable candidate must have some knowledge of working with the UT2004 engine code and be able to meet deadlines for upcoming game mod contests.

LawDogs project has alot of potential for the future and without a polished product we’ll barely make it, so please any of you talented game mod coders who have a niche for historical type games like LawDogs join us!

Join Here
Submission Policy Added
3-21-2014 11:20 PM | Slayer
Pcgamemods members who are trying to submit a file will now notice a submission policy that they must agree to before access to the file submission page is given. The guidelines are listed clearly so if a user violates one of these guidelines, a moderator will tell the user which one he/she has violated.
LevelSource LevelMania!
3-17-2014 10:21 PM | Eldritch
LevelSource is following up on their first hugely successful Jedi Academy mapping competition with another contest. The first contest produced some excellent maps, and with over 50 contestants (ranging in skill from old hands to rookies) signed up for this one you can expect more of the same.

This time around there are prizes – Raven Software is donating 2 signed copies of JA PC, Raven t-shirts, and a hat! The contest runs from March 12th to April 12th so there’s still plenty of time to get over there and enter! If you’re interested, just visit their thread here for more info and to throw your hat into the ring. Good luck to everyone!
Sunday, February 22nd 2004
2-22-2014 7:49 PM | Slayer
Thanks to Eldritch, I have found a glitch in the source of pcgamemods that may have attributed to many of you not being able to work the screenshot submission script properly. The script was case sensitive and only read extensions that were .jpg anything else was discarded, so if your extension was anything but .jpg (ex: .JPG) the script would never pick it up. I have since rectified this problem, thanks to Eldritch for pointing this out.
Current Conditions
2-21-2014 5:40 PM | Slayer
Many of you who have been coming to pcgamemods since the beginning (which would be jedioutcastmaps.com) know that we have been receiving quite a bit of files since the beginning. I am elated to see pcgamemods still up and running; continuing to serve its purpose as a file emporium while we approach pcgamemods’ 2nd anniversary. However with all the files added daily the server we have been using since the beginning is running out of space which obviously poses a problem. I have several options in mind to correct this up and coming issue, the best option and probably most practical is to simply lease another server to begin serving files to which is most likely what I will do. The reason I am posting this is to keep the community up to date on the status of pcgamemods, I don’t want to leave anybody in the dark.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to all the staff members that have been working with the site. They are truly the ones that are keeping pcgamemods alive, along with all the file contributors of course.
Wednesday, January 7th 2004
The Lord of the Rings Mod is Recruiting!
1-7-2014 7:55 PM | Eldritch
I’ve been informed by the Lord of the Rings Mod project leader, Deathbringer, that they are looking for some new recruits to help get the ball rolling on their mod for Jedi Academy. Right now it’s a MP-only mod, but shows a lot of promise.

If you are interested in joining the team or feel that you can help out in any way, please let them know. They’re looking for everyone from modelers to skinners to mappers to texture artists. If you’d like to join, please send an email with some examples of your work and why you want to join the mod to [email protected] You can check out their website here.
Tutorial Section Poll
1-3-2014 2:41 AM | Slayer
I had the idea recently to add a tutorial section to the site, I believe it would complement the site well, making it a more complete modifications site. The tutorial site will be separate to pcgamemods, it will be hosted on a subdomain, most likely tutorials.pcgamemods.com. The tutorial site will come with the same type of automatic user posting that users are already used to with file submissions but with more options to appropriately accomodate the specifications of tutorials. I would like some feedback regarding this so I have posted a poll, membership is a requisite for voting.
Tuesday, December 16th 2003
Changes to the site.
12-16-2013 5:29 AM | Slayer
I am currently taking suggestions on what I can do to improve upon the site. You can find the topic over at lucasforums: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=118616&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 I chose lucasforums for this because their member count is a lot higher than it is here and I could get a wide view of opinions from people who visit the site regularly and those who do not.

Some things that will be changed. First and foremost, files will no longer be deleted without reason. The only exception to this is if a user uploads something with a negative intention. If a moderator finds content that is stolen or otherwise in a mod then the moderator will disable the download ability from that mod and state on the mod page the problem he/she sees with the mod. When the problem is resolved the moderator will allow the mod to be downloaded again or will be deleted and the user can reupload a new version of the file. Files with “questionable” content will no longer be deleted either. But I urge developers: if your mod has content that is inappropriate for the adolescent visitors of this site please state so in the description of your file (ie: Some content in this map is not suitable for users under 18).

I have added a vehicles section to Jedi Academy and have moved all the currently submitted vehicles to that section. I will also be setting up separate sections for clan files (maps, skins etc).

One of the things that was addressed quite a bit on the lucasforums topic was the screenshot script and the requisite of having screenshots for a mod. I never made screenshots a requirement for the simple reason that some people can’t or haven’t figured out how to work the screenshot submission script. This alone makes it hard to require screenshots because if some users cannot submit screenshots then their mods may never come up. The solution to this is a PHP ftp script. I was debating about using this since it could be a bit cumbersome for most especially those who need to add 20 screenshots, but I figure that if there is a proven method for submitting screenshots to the site then the requirement of screenshots for submission could become a reality. For those who hate to use Easy Thumbnail you will be relieved to know that this ftp script will do the resizing for you, it will simply take the original file that you submit and resize that. For more information about this, see the lucasforums topic.

I will be completing the sorting script so that users can sort by rank, name, author etc when browsing the individual sections of the site.

I noticed in the topic that some users complained about having the comments section separate from the mod page itself, that they wanted the comments to be below the file. I was thinking about doing that initially but I figured with some files that recieve over 20 comments, it would clutter up the page quite a bit. Since I’m an advocate for user preferences I will simply make it an option as to whether the comments will be on a separate page or on the page below the mod content.

Reading through the comments on this site, I have also found the some users wish they could change the content of their mod submission (IE: a typo is made). I wanted to do this but I didn’t want to hand over the ability to change content on the fly, the results could end up being disastrous if users were allowed to simply rename their mod as they pleased. There are a couple of solutions I am looking towards. The first would be a timer which gave the user 30 minutes from submission to change anything he wanted to change just in case he made a mistake. The next would be to simply allow users to change the content of their file, but if they began to abuse this privelage their access to this would be revoked. The third would be to make a change content submission page which would submit any requested changes to a moderator who would eventually change the content for a user. However this could become a problem with my next idea.

The one thing I hear a lot from moderators is the multiple submissions of the same file, but different revision in the same day. What I wanted to do here, was basically setup a system in which a user can dynamically change his mod and update the same mod page as he changes and makes revision to his mod. This way users can bookmark or keep track of one page for one file all the time and not have to scour through the site to find the latest revision on the file.

While these are all things I would like to change, they do require a certain allocation of time that at this point I can simply not afford. I may start working a little each day towards certain modifications but with my hectic schedule it’s hard to guarantee anything. I can say for certain however that I will eventually make time to make the necessary changes that are needed to improve upon the functionality of the site.

One more thing, I have put up an Unreal 2 XMP game section which is headed by Madeline. I will be adding the individual sections for the game so developers can start submitting their files.
Tuesday, November 25th 2003
JK2 / JA File Posting
11-25-2013 11:43 AM | Eldritch
A lot of you have written in to complain about files being removed without an apparent reason. When a file is removed, it is due to it not meeting the guidelines for file submission and not due to my personal taste. It is, however, my fault for not sharing these rules with you. So, in an attempt to clarify and explain my actions and to prevent further confusion, here are the guidelines for file submission:

– Files containing questionable material, including, but not limited to, pornographic materials, drug use / paraphernalia, violent images, etc. will be removed immediately.

– Files submitted in a format other than .zip will be removed immediately

– Any submission that consists entirely of .mp3 files will be removed immediately (we don’t want any trouble with the RIAA).

– Files submitted containing work by other authors without their permission will be removed immediately.

– Files submitted by someone other than the original author will be removed. Please email me if you need to submit a file for somone else.

– If you submit an updated version of your file, the original version will be deleted unless otherwise requested. Please put this in your author’s note section when submitting if you need us to keep the original version.

– Files that don’t work or are corrupted will be removed immediately.

If you find that your file has been removed, and don’t think that it violates any of these guidelines, please email me at [email protected]
11-24-2013 12:39 PM | Slayer
Many of you noticed some down time this weekend, I have cleaned up the site and upgraded to Apache 2.0 and MySQL 4.0 so things should be running a little more smoothly.
UT2003 – Community Bonus Pack
11-12-2013 5:32 AM | Madeline
Yeah, I know this one has been out for a short while, but due to technical difficulties I couldn’t get it posted as quickly as it should have been. Sorry. It is up now though for those who have not checked it out yet. I would personally consider it a must-have and if you do happen to download it, post your comments!

– Finally, be sure to check the staff picks in all sections here, and tell us what you think. Post polls in the forums on what files you believe should be picks.
Tuesday, October 21st 2003
UT2003 – LawDogs Patch & Remote Strike
10-21-2013 4:40 AM | Madeline
The LawDogs patch is out. This upgrades the v1 demo to v2. Also, if you haven’t even tried this mod yet (and you really should), there’s the full version 2 demo weighing in at 154.94 MB. Both are located in the UT2003 section for you to download.

Also, Remote Strike – an excellent realism gun mutator is up…with guns – lots of guns. Check for the file, screenshots and weapon descriptions in the UT2003 area.
UT2003 – LawDogs & News
10-12-2013 8:46 PM | Madeline
I rarely write anything in the news, in fact this is my first time, but I am excited about something I would like to share with everyone and that is
the LawDogs Demo. It has been added to the UT2003 section (with plenty of screenshots). Be sure to check this one out, post your comments – it’s quite impressive.

Also, if you get a chance, take a look at the other staff picks for UT2003. There are some excellent files in there that deserve attention!

The Red Orchestra Mod is also up. I will add screenshots shortly.
Wednesday, September 17th 2003
Jedi Academy Sections Added
9-17-2013 8:43 AM | Slayer
I have added all the necessary sections for Jedi Academy so those who have already started making mods can submit them.
Members See Less Pop-Ups.
9-13-2013 10:45 PM | Slayer
In my quest to make this site the best it can be, I realize that pop-up ads can be a bit obtrusive. With that in mind, I have given members the freedom of less pop-ups. The only pop-ups members will see is when they download a file. There is a possibility that I will even remove that pop-up as well.
Detailed view listing and new poll (members only).
9-13-2013 6:08 AM | Slayer
This pertains to members only. I am going to run a trial of the detailed listing option. If I receive positive feedback about it, I will enable it by default for non-members. The detailed listing is essentially everything on the “mod” page but compressed into one horizontal bar for ease of browsing. The user can download the file and not have to leave the page he is on. I have not implemented a new screenshot view for the detailed view yet as I want to see how well the feedback is before I develop one.

All members, please try the detailed view by clicking the listing option under the game tabs and selecting “Detailed” as the option. NOTE: The detailed listing only works for files on the new releases page. After using it, please inform me of how you feel about the detailed listing option by voting on the poll.
Half-Life 2 Source DirectX 9.0 Effects Video
9-12-2013 12:20 AM | Slayer
This video shows off Half-Life 2’s source engine high-dynamic range rendering which allows the environments to be immersed in real world lighting and effects.

Source DirectX 9.0 Effects Video
Tron 2.0 Screenshots (197)
9-11-2013 11:51 AM | Slayer
Two weeks ago I played through Tron 2.0 and during the game I took numerous amounts of screenshots. Numerous being 197 screenshots. I used the previous in development pcgameshots.com to showcase the screenshots. I will occasionally post screenshots of upcoming games on pcgameshots.com, such as Half-Life 2, Halo and Doom 3.
Tron 2.0 Screenshots (197)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 1.02 Patch
9-11-2013 11:46 AM | Slayer
The 1.02 patch has been released for Enemy Territory. A complete list of fixes is available on the mod page.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 1.02 Patch
New Poll
9-7-2013 6:28 PM | Slayer
I have placed a new poll up on the site and it is regarding a journal concept that I had for developers. Basically this ‘journal’ would be a separate page from the site, it would act like a .plan file for mod developers. Users can talk about their upcoming developments, while posting screenshots for others to view. Users can also have private hosting with password protection if they want to distribute their files in a closed beta scenario. The sections would be customizable with the options for changing the style of the site, along with the colors and logo. You can vote by clicking on any of the game sections, the poll is located on the left. Any feedback from the community is always appreciated as this site is based and built around you.
Jedi Academy Section and Single-Player Demo.
9-5-2013 8:35 PM | Slayer
I have set up the Jedi Academy section and along with the Jedi Academy Single-Player Demo. I have also placed any other media relating to Jedi Academy in it’s proper section.
Jedi Academy Single-Player Demo
9-4-2013 8:17 PM | Slayer
While the new site is running smoothly, aside from the mishap this week (read below), I believe that the site is still not as efficient as it should be. I realized that listing large amounts of files can be tedious to rummage through in order to find the file you want. So I am going to add a “detailed” option for browsing. Rather than a long list, there will be larger blocks of information summarizing the mod and giving the needed details that users want to see and directly. Such details include but are not limited to, download count, comment count, a screenshot of the mod and the rating. From these blocks you can download files you want and return to the list. This method will significantly reduce the amount of pages a user has to click through to reach the file they need. My feeling is, go to the site, grab the files you want and get back to gaming. Page views are no longer a concern to me as I am not running this site for profit. As long as the banners generate enough revenue to pay for the hosting every month there won’t be a problem. Speaking of screenshots, there are going to be some changes regarding the way screenshots work. I consider this site to be a tool, one in which mod developers should use to their advantage. Yet I seldom view anybody using the available screenshot script. If there was a problem with it you should go on the forums and mention it. Of course there should be no problem at all if you have the JAVA plug-in installed. The fact that developers aren’t taking five extra minutes to just take a couple of screenshots of their map so users can preview their work before they download just prominently displays their lack of pride in their work. So now, especially with the detailed mod view implementation arriving, users will be required to submit at least one screenshot for the public to view. When you submit the mod, it will be in the database, but it will not be active (viewable on the site) until there is at least one screenshot. Of course certain modifications cannot be showcased with a screenshot. I know which sections these are and they will not require any screenshots. In short, the feeling of apathy I am receiving from the community is disappointing. I asked staff members why they weren’t taking screenshots of maps and models and they simply replied with “If the author isn’t going to take screenshots, why should I?â€� This unanimous consensus is the base of this news post. So if you aren’t going to take pride in your work and show case it with a few screenshots, then I honestly don’t want to host it.

On a lighter note, the news script is being worked on simultaneously with the detailed views implementation. You should begin seeing daily to semi-daily news posts on this site. Madeline will be handling the news for Jedi Academy and UT 2003/2004. So if you have any news you would like her to post on those games be sure to contact her (the means to do this will be available shortly as well). Other staff members will be appointed to the various other game sections in time in which time you will be allowed to contact them to inform them of such information.

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